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Edina Senior Party Scholarship Registration


Edina Senior Party Scholarship Request & Registration

Scholarship funds are set aside specifically to assist those who are unable to afford the expense associated with the senior party.  It is our goal that all graduating seniors be able to attend this event as well as be represented in the decoration aspect of the night.  NO student will be turned away due to financial reasons and all requests are confidential.

After completing the request you will be contacted via e-mail to verify that the scholarship request has been received and approved. 

Through this request the below scholarships are available: 

1.  Partial ticket scholarship:  If you are in a situation where you are able and comfortable paying part of the $100.00 ticket expense please indicate that you would like to request a partial scholarship.  You will be asked to indicate the amount that you are able to pay and the Senior Party Committee will cover the remaining balance of the $100.00 ticket price. 

2.   Full ticket scholarship:  If you are in a situation where you are unable to afford any of the ticket expense please indicate that you would like to request a full scholarship.

3.  Body decoration scholarship & assistance:  The Bodies are part of the decorations for the senior class party and have become a senior party tradition. Each parent/guardian/family/student creates a likeness of their student that they "dress" with photos, drawings and pictures that illustrate their child's personality, activities, interests and /or future plans. WE encourage each parent/family to make a body so that each child will have one. At the the end of the party, the student's body will be sent home with them. Examples of the bodies and more information can be found here:

We have scholarships available to cover the cost associated with the creation/printing of bodies as well as assistance available to those needing help with the collection and assembling of items needed for the process.  Please indicate on the registration if you are needing either of these.       


Please direct general scholarship questions to:
Anne Johnson at

Please direct body scholarship and assistance questions to: